Workshop for Wellness

Facilitating Genetic Stabilization for Genetic Preservation

Emily Acosta is a Practitioner of Dynamic Health- specializing in diet and nutrition. Her approach to health encompasses: Information Therapy, Directed Attention Therapy, Interrogatory Bio-feedback, Electro-Dermal Dialogue BioFeedback, Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP), Chinese and Western Herbs, Nutritional and Dietary Analysis, as well as life-style coaching. These approaches to health have allowed her much success in assisting adults, the elderly, infants, children, and even animals. Emily lives happily in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and three children. Emily was born, raised and started Work Shop for Wellness in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009. Over the years, she has seen the many environmental and structural changes take place in the Las Vegas valley, all of which prompted her to share the gifts of education and information pertaining to natural health and wellness, nutrition and healthy life style. She is passionate about health and education. Combining the two she took on the education offered at I2I Network located in American Fork, UT under the direction of Dr. H Roy Curtin. Through I2I Network, Emily became a learned, skilled and licensed Interrogatory Biofeedback Specialist. This therapy allows all of her clients, no matter how old or young, no matter what the ailment, the ability to make healthful choices for their life. Through constant study and education, the range of her expertise grows steadily. Emily firmly believes that all of us are intelligent and therefore capable of making intelligent choices. She also is excited to actively assist all clients from all walks of life attain a healthy life-style. Her goal is to see all of her clients attain better lives through better choices!

Why us?

"Practitioner, Heal Thyself!"

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

At Workshop for Wellness we believe the body is a complete physical, mental, emotional and interactively intelligent creation. We are each unique. We are NOT robots. What treats one person may be a complete waste of time and money for another. We tailor treatments to the specific choices of our inner intelligence, regardless of what the media advocates as the current treatment. We believe that the body has learned to communicate through the process of producing symptoms. Understanding that this is simply a learned method of communication, our goal is to learn to communicate in a more intelligent manner and therefore eliminate the symptom method of communication. We honor the intelligence of our genetics with the gift of kinetic communication. This gift of communication is for healing and for offering a "voice" to our inner, innate intelligence. We acknowledge and accept responsibility for healing ourselves, as practitioners and appreciate the opportunity to share these methods and abilities with you!